Short Strides – The Podcast | Determination and Passion with Charly Edwards

In this week’s episode, I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to chat with Charly Edwards, Charly has recently undergone an elective double mastectomy after finding out she had a variant BRCA gene. Her determination to achieve her ambitions shows that despite set backs, exercising resiliency and keeping your eyes on the end goal can allow you to achieve so much.

Haygain UK | Not Gone With the Wind

Steamed hay gives Charly Edwards’ top horse a new start. Signs of Brass Monkey’s issue did emerge in the form of coughing when dust from nearby hay harvesting blew in or a batch of dusty bedding arrived.

Charly Edward’s top horse Brass Monkey has faced some major challenges. Early this year, he sustained a fractured knee along with troubles stemming from the common and often harmless equine herpesvirus. Yet, in his two years as a show jumper, he’s never been held back by the one challenge that is responsible for the former eventing prospect coming Charly’s way: “wind problems.”